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Italian Greyhound Place Has Great tips for Locating Lost Dogs! Click this LINK to read them now!

Dog's Name*: Pupcake & Studmuffin
Age*: Shitzhu & Maltipoo
Markings*: 2 yrs & 5 months
Other ID*: Black and white / White
Personality*: Both very friendly, loveable, playful and mellow.
Last seen*: Morning of 4/28/11 in Golden Hill/Southpark area, San Diego
contact name*: 4/28/11 Pupcake is a black and white female purebred shitzhu that is 2 yrs old has pink a collar with a rhinestone bone hanging from it as well as a pink heart shaped name tag. She is a doll and although very stubborn she is still the sweetest lil dog ever! Studmuffin is a male Multipoo all white with vey lil tan at the tips of his ears. He has a light blue collar with a bone shaped name tag with the San Diego Charger Bolt on one side. He also is so very sweet both cool as cucumbers. Last seen together they are best buds that belong to my 6 year old daughter who is just devastated. She eagerly awaits thier return home so please if you have any info or tips that may help getting our babys home please let me know.
contact phone*: Minerva Elias
contact emal*: (619)677-8560


ATTN SIMI VALLEY RESIDENTS~~~ My Aunt's dog, Winston, is missing! Gate was left open and he's been gone since 1/07/11. He is tiny! Male, nuetered toyish Pomeranian.

He was pulled from O.C. as a vey sick pup. She has nursed him back to health and is heartbroken! Please help by reposting. He is microchipped to me right now.

So, if you know anything you can call me. 805-551-4300 Thank you!!


Dog's Name*: Bugsy
Age*: Pug/Boston Terrier
Markings*: 8 years old
Other ID*: Brindle
Personality*: Energetic, loving, excited
Last seen*: Saturday morning January 8, 2011
contact name*: Jill
contact phone*: 215-431-8190
contact emal*: jillsalmon@hotmail.co

Dog's Name*: MUTTLEY
Age*: 6 months
Markings*: Black with white chest and paws
Other ID*: no collar
Personality*: Very sweet, playful and loving
Last seen*: Hi. My puppy is in heat and got out last Friday 12/17. We love and miss her very much. If you have any information please contact me @ 619-322-9428. I'll be happy to pay a reward to the one that found her. If you could repost this, I'd really appreciate it also!
6 month malti-poo
~10-15 pounds
black/grey & white, hair is very soft like cotton, big floppy ears, nose like poodle
lost: 12/17/10 on 1st Ave. & Robinson San Diego, CA 92103
contact name*: geralynn
contact phone*: 619 322-9428
contact emal*: geralynn412@hotmail.com


Dog's Name*: Chai
Age*: Maltipoo
Markings*: 2 years old
Other ID*: none
Personality*: very friendly
Last seen*: Last seen on 9/7/10 in la mesa. Near La Mesa Blvd. and Jackson. She has shaggy white curly hair.
contact name*: Nicole
contact phone*: 619-887-6788
contact emal*: nicj813@gmail.com



Dog's Name*: Mandie
Age*: 10+
Markings*: German shepherd markings, beagle eyes
Other ID*: Small-medium size dog
Personality*: Very timid and shy, but very friendly and sweet
Last seen*: Last seen in our backyard in Mira Mesa on Saturday morning, August 28, 2010. She was spooked by the gardener's leaf blower. We adopted her from a shelter 7 years ago and we estimate her age to be 10-11 years old. She is a very shy dog but very friendly when approached.
contact name*: Becky
contact phone*: 858/271-9721
contact emal*: boplatero@hotmail.com

019) Our ten year old White Collie is now missing.. We came home and all the gates were shut.. We don't know how he got out or if he was taken. We will offer a reward. Please call us 619-229-8779 or 619-471-6508

021) $REWARD! REWARD REWARD $$$$$$$$$$$$$
THERE IS A REWARD.... IF YOU FIND HIM PLEASE CALL ME ASAP (619) 623-5843 OR (619) 710-5526

018) Lost Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy (Mission Hills)Date: 2010-03-31, 7:29AM PDT
Last seen in my backyard in Mission Hills around goldfinch and falcon street. He is really friendly puppy who is greatly missed. Unfortunitly he is not wearing a collar or any ID tags. If you have any information please call 858 822 8140 Thank you

003) Still missing -- Black Dog (San Diego)Date: 2010-03-22, 8:24PM PDT
Reply to: comm-uad5v-1656868138@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
He's a neutered male, black with white/gray hair around his mouth/chin, and about 35lb (when we lost him) dog. He could be anywhere and/or with anybody as he's been missing for awhile now... He has severe allergy problems... If you have found, seen, had him or have any information about his whereabouts, please let us know. We are offering CASH REWARD. Thanks,

005) lost tiny female doggie (1st & G, Chula Vista 91910)Date: 2010-03-21, 11:27PM PDT
My tiny (only 3 pounds) female dog that is part chihuahua and terrier mix (yorkie looking) is missing. Her hair is mostly white; however, her ear hair and tail hair is reddish in color. Her tail and ear hair is very feathered. My brother had her in yard at 1st & G in Chula Vista with zip code 91910 on Tuesday, November 17th, around 4-5pm. Her nose is very tiny and she loves to kiss.please call ASAP: (619) 209-9565; (619) 934-2602; (619) 533-5914; or (858) 472-8585. Reward for her safe return.

007) Still missing our Taco (Escondido)Date: 2010-03-20, 12:47PM PDT
Reply to: jpettifield@gmail.com
We are still missing our chihuahua Taco he was last seen on Sunset Dr. and Escondido Blv Wed at 5pm our neighbor saw someone pick him up and take him away. This person doesn't understand that he will be dead in about a week if he doesn't get his medicine. Please take him to the Escondido Humane Society as they know his condition. I don't care if you took him BRING HIM BACK ! you have a dog that is about to die and it will not be a pretty thing to see the Medicine alone cost 600 so if you are going to keep him you better take him to the Vet. ASAP or you are killing him. For anyone else that knows where he is or has seen him please call us 760-484-6951. Yes he is cute but he is my dog and is more expensive than what you are prepared to handle especially if you stole him from us.

009) Missing lost a Mini Schnauzer Dog Male 9yr old
Date: 2010-03-10, 6:06PM PST
His Name is Happy ,He Has kidney Stones is on medications,he Need to come Home to His Family, Please Help us find Him.If you have any info Please Call
619-471-5024 Reward is Offer for his return Thank You

011) I lost 2 female Pit Bulls on Sunday March 21 in Paradise Hills between Woodman and Briarwood. 1 female is all grey with white on her chest and the other is light brown with white chest. The light brown is bigger then the grey one. The brown one has been with us for eight years . She walks with a slit limp and takes arthrits medication. The grey one has been with us for 1 1/2 years and is smaller then the bbown one. . I only have pics of the grey girl. My daughters miss them dearly as we all do. If you have any information please call (619) 459-0174. Reward is offered. Thank you. Date: 2010-03-1

013) HELP! 3/27/10- Our 2 dogs got out of the yard yesterday around 5pm. One is a brown boxer and the other is an all white american bull dog/pointer mix. Please help with any information. thank you! email comm-hsykg-1663662575@craigslist.org or 760-822-0189

004) Lost DSH Cat (La Mesa/Rolando)Date: 2010-03-22, 9:17AM PDT
Missing Since Sunday 3/21
Grey tabby short-haired cat w/ white legs & belly, Female -spayed. She is small, about 7lbs but full-grown. She has a missing left front toe (amputated as a kitten). She is microchipped and can be very skittish. She's normally an indoor-only cat but somehow got outside. Please call (603) 930-2773 or email if you see her, find her, or took her to a hospital/shelter.

015) Dog's Name: Bear
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi Purebred Age: 10
Markings: tri colored red headed Other ID: 4414072b44
Personality: friendly
Last seen: 12/13/06 at 2:35 a truck and trailer pulled up at my driveway and then left. Little did I know they had taken my most precious pocession. Bear was taken and he is not neutered but I whelped him and he was my personal dog. He has a small divot in his nose. The white meets the back white by a fine line. We just want him home with us. He is getting old and I am sure that we want him back everyday he has been gone. Bear hates water and cats! contact name: Grace Parrott contact phone: 619-561-9159
contact emal: graceex@aol.com


020) Our baby girl Sophie went missing on Fri morning 4/2/2010 btw 7am-10am. Her brothers were found in the yard but not her. She was the only one with a collar, is very sweet and loves to greet everyone. Please contact us ASAP anytime of day if seen @ 619-928-1584. Any information about her whereabouts is appreciated!!
- Female 4 months old
- Black furry coat
- 5-10lbs
- cocker mix
- Last seen off of alley way on 39th/38th & Redwood.
- POSSIBLE siting off Orange & 33rd!!!! Undissolved REWARD if found, we miss our little girl terribly!

022) She is very loved and missed. she has been missing since 02/07/10. I have been receiving nothing but weird, dishonest, and scamming people!! Please check your neighbors to see if they have her, she is a very unique dog, and she means everything to me. I have spent alot of money on her medical expenses (much to the dismay of the people who want puppies for free because they have very little money). So, please help me, the past 3 months have been horrible and I would sure love to have a little bit of help from this community. NO SCAMMERS ..THIS INCLUDES K9ALERT, PETALERT, FINDFIDO, AND ANY SERVICE THAT REQUIRES MONEY ..I WON'T GIVE THEM ANY MORE OF MY MONEY WHEN THEY DON'T WORK!!! I HAVE CHECKED THE VETS, GROOMERS, ETC AND THEY NEVER RECEIVED THERE SO-CALLED FLYERS, THEY ARE A SCAM!!
nice reward for her safe return. 858-705-1984
she is 2 years old, 11 pounds, AND MICROCHIPPED!!!

017) Lost dachshund puppy (Point Loma)Date: 2010-03-29, 8:29AM PDT
Penny went missing in the Point Loma area on 3/11. She was reddish brown in color with some black markings on the upper part of her tail. She was wearing a purple collar. Please call 619-787-8239.

006) Missing Yellow Lab - (Lakeside)Date: 2010-03-21, 1:17PM PDT
We have been missing Summit since Friday Night March 21st! She had a collar on when she was last seen! She has a light yellow coat and has a light belly! She has pretty green eyes. We live on Mapleview Street near the mormon church!
Please call me at 619 840-6441 if you find her. She is our family Pet and we miss her!

008) LOST CHIHUAHUA MIX (SAN DIEGO)Date: 2010-03-19, 9:35PM PDT
Shy, timid, and microchipped. Has been missing since 02/07/10.she must be with someone by now! Whomever has taken her, it was nice that you picked her up off the street, but not nice that you didn't attempt to find her owner!I miss her soooo much! PLEASE, anyone that finds a "stray" please take the pet to a vet to be scanned or to the animal shelter! she needs meds, Please look at your neighbors and see if they have a "new" dog, it just might me mine! nice reward for her safe return, 858-705-1984


010) black and tan wiener dog , 5 pounds , 5 years old-
contact - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1790167444y

012) Lost female pit bull mix puppy on Wednesday, March 24 by the Clairemont Square off of Clairemont Dr. She got out of our fence. She's very happy and friendly and we miss her very much! Pictures attached, she is the light colored dog in the picture- call or text 619.997.4256

014) He was lost march 22nd, he just turned a year old in Valentine's day. We have been trying to fix our fence and he would get out often. We found through where he was getting out and we fixed what we thought was the problem, but the neighbor caught him climbing the fence (like a cat). I'm almost positive that someone is keeping him, my other dog came back but he didn't. Please if you have any information call back to
619-710-6536 -619-710-5217 -619-454-6120 -619-279-7619

002) Missing Italian Greyhound (north park/south park)Date: 2010-03-22, 11:11PM PDT
Reply to: comm-8eaww-1656987067@craigslist.org Our Fritz is still missing. He has been gone since 1-28. He is a gray and white Italian Greyhound. We, his family, miss him so much.....If you know anything at all about this please call (619)917-6803. I am offering a $2000 no questions asked reward to get my little boy home. Please help. Thank you

 001) MISSING PAPILLION/CHIHUAHUA MIX (HILLCREST AREA)Date: 2010-03-17, 6:40PM PDT- Has been missing since 02/07 Microchipped. please notify authorities immediately she can be scanned and prove she belongs to me! shy and timid. she has not been reported to dead animal control so someone must have her! she needs expensive meds and knee surgery, nice reward for her safe return 858-705-198

016) Missing Dauchsund - La Costa, CA Area
Reply to comm-ajzvg-1664065155@craigslist.org