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Adoption Process

Thank you for adopting your new Family Member from Cute Odyssey Inc. Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier Rescue! You are supporting a group that is 100% NON PROFIT and made up completely of Volunteers which allows every dollar to go directly to saving these amazing animals. Your generous support will allow Cute Odyssey Inc. Rescue the ability to save (yet) another dog’s life. Your Adoption Fee only covers a small portion of the costs it takes to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home and provide needed Medical Care for these abandoned dogs. We rely solely on the Donations made by Dog Lovers like YOU!

Any additional funds are greatly needed and appreciated!!!!

Your Donation Includes:
• Your new Dog!
• Micro chipping
• Shelter and/or Medical Documentation
• Up-to-Date Vaccinations (excluding young puppies)
• Spay and Neuter
• Personalized Volunteer support in selecting your new dog
• De worming
• Fleas Medication
• Collar and leash (or harness)
• Application Fee - $25
• Adoption Fee for Shih Tzu- Maltese-Yorkie Puppies under 1 year - $325 - $500
• Adoption Donation for Shih Tzu- Maltese-Yorkie 1-7 years of age - $150-325
• Please inquire about reduced Adoption Donations for our dogss 8 years old and up

We work hard during the adoption process to match you with a dog that will flourish in your home. We take great care to educate our families about Shih Tzu- Maltese-Yorkie and rescued dogs before taking home a new companion. We hope that you will have no need to return your new dog, however if that circumstance were to arise, our adoption fees are not refundable as they are immediately used to pay expenses. For questions please contact doginfo@cuteodyssey.org

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A Reminder ...
... when you adopt a dog or puppy, it does *NOT*
become disposable if you weary of it! When a puppy grows up to be a dog, that dog does NOT become disposable(!!) When you adopt a dog or puppy, you are making a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to that individual. This commitment includes - but is not limited to - proper training, veterinary care, attention and LOVE!! This commitment does NOT include chaining this dog in your backyard!