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Due to abuse of our online form, we now send applications by request only.


We request that our Adopters fill out an application, sign a contract, and pass a Home Inspection. Some people think that, since they are willing to take a homeless dog off our hands, we should give them the dog without an adoption fee. Well, that would be nice, and in a perfect world, it would be possible. But vet care for our rescue dogs costs money, which we must recover, at least in part, in order to go on rescuing. Each dog must have a physical examination, receive any required vaccinations (for rabies, parvo virus, etc.), flea prevention, and be spayed or neutered at the very least. MOST dogs that come into rescue need a dental and they are around $350 or more. The rescue pays for these procedures just like private owners. We almost never qualify for discounts.

For the most part, our adoption fees reflect the medical expenses incurred for a particular dog. Other factors in adoption fees are age and health of the dog. All other monies go into a fund, which helps pay the medical bills for dogs that require unusually expensive care -- bills that an adoption fee could not cover. We do not accept personal checks for adoption fees, you must pay with cash or a bank or postal money order.

Please keep this fact in mind: The usual adoption fee for a Cuteodyssey rescue is $900 and up. Pairs can be more, depending on age. The going rate for a puppy at a pet store - a puppy that, in all likelihood came from a puppy mill - is between $1200 and $1500 and you still have to pay for vaccinations and spaying or neutering on top of that.

And please keep in mind...if you are bored please shop for shoes, not for our dogs. Our dogs are NOT for sale. Dogs are living creatures, we cannot guarantee their health and their behavior in their new home. Dogs react differently in various environments and with a variety of people. If you are not happy with your adoption we may be able to take the dog back, but we do not refund adoption fees.

Each potential adopter will have only 15 minutes with the dog from now on. Please, if you are not really seriously interested, do not take the full 15 minutes to let us know you do not want to adopt. Spare our dogs' time. Also, please be aware that some dogs will not warm up to you right away and that they also may already love the foster and may want to please her or him, so unless you are prepared to work with the dog to gain his affection and trust do not waste our and your time. We do not have time to chat with you unless you are a real dog lover.

We are not here to help you getting a tiny designer dog at a cheap price, please look somewhere else.  Some dogs like Yorkies and Yorkie mixes bond very closely to our fosters, do not hold it against the dog. If you are looking for a perfect dog and you are not willing to work with our dogs, please do not contact us.

OUR TIME is very limited and we must first and foremost give it to OUR RESCUE DOGS, we are unable TO CATER TO ADOPTERS. PLEASE BE SENSITIVE TO OUR MISSION. If you are serious fill out an application, the more we know about you the better we can match you to one of our seniors or help you find the right dog.

"Soli Deo Gloria"

Legal notice:
To all potential adopters of our dogs:
The exact age of each individual dog is in some cases never actually known, as many of our rescued dogs have no history of ever having had homes. We do our best to get as many Veterinary opinions on the approximate age of each dog and their best guess at the general age range, judging from the health, dental examination, and many other factors, but most importantly, our personal Veterinary doctors opinion. Canine teeth generally begin to show some wear at about 5 years old. Vets also examine the eyes to see if the dog has signs of age related changes. Taking all of this into consideration and comparing it with the average lifespan of the particular breed can give a good approximation of a dog's age. We do our very best to keep you as accurately informed as possible. Thank you for considering giving a homeless pet a forever loving home.

Integrity and Collection of your Personal Information:
Cute odyssey, Inc. reserves the right to decline any potential adopter application if the information submitted is: inaccurate or falsified, if you are misrepresenting the truth falsely. Such as; legal name, age, address, or occupation. We must stand by these rules in order to find the best possible potential homes for our rescued animals. Please submit your information accurately, complete and up to date. Thank you.

Adoption Process

Thank you for adopting your new Family Member from Cute Odyssey Inc. Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier Rescue! You are supporting a group that is 100% NON PROFIT and made up completely of Volunteers which allows every dollar to go directly to saving these amazing animals. Your generous support will allow Cute Odyssey Inc. Rescue the ability to save (yet) another dog’s life. Your Adoption Fee only covers a small portion of the costs it takes to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home and provide needed Medical Care for these abandoned dogs. We rely solely on the Donations made by Dog Lovers like YOU!

Any additional funds are greatly needed and appreciated!!!!

Your Donation Includes:
• Your new Dog!
• Micro chipping
• Shelter and/or Medical Documentation
• Up-to-Date Vaccinations (excluding young puppies)
• Spay and Neuter
• Personalized Volunteer support in selecting your new dog
• De worming
• Fleas Medication
• Collar and leash (or harness)
• Adoption Fee for Shih Tzu- Maltese-Yorkie Puppies under 1 year - $900 and up
• Adoption Donation for Shih Tzu- Maltese-Yorkie 1-7 years of age - $900 and up
• Please inquire about reduced Adoption Donations for our dogss 8 years old and up

We work hard during the adoption process to match you with a dog that will flourish in your home. We take great care to educate our families about Shih Tzu- Maltese-Yorkie and rescued dogs before taking home a new companion. We hope that you will have no need to return your new dog, however if that circumstance were to arise, our adoption fees are not refundable as they are immediately used to pay expenses. For questions please contact doginfo@cuteodyssey.org

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